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2012/2013 Audi TT in Burlingame - Specs, Photos & Inventory

Standard quattro® All-wheel Drive
    Nothing looks like the TT and nothing handles like it either. It's the only car in its class to offer quattro® all-wheel drive as standard. On virtually any road, the TT offers superior traction, creating a feeling of confidence. quattro distributes power between front and rear axles enhancing the driving dynamics while maintaining optimum control. quattro can also shift power 100 percent to the rear or front when conditions demand. Constantly assessing grip, quattro helps to ensure the best possible combination of traction and handling, regardless of the road conditions.

The Audi 2.0 TFSI® Engine
    The Audi TT Coupe is equipped with the 2.0 T, 211hp motor. Years ahead of the competition, it combines Audi valvelift system, variable valve timing, TFSI® direct injection and turbocharging for more power and greater efficiency. The 2.0 TFSI was the first engine to combine gasoline direct injection with turbocharging in large-scale production.
    Producing 211hp and 258 lb-ft. of torque, it has been the engine of choice for more than 1.3 million Audi drivers worldwide. On top of that, it was also named one of Ward's "10 Best Engines" for the fifth year in a row.
S tronic® Dual-clutch Transmission
    The concept behind one of the world's most advanced transmissions is simple to understand and thrilling to experience: near-constant power through lightning-quick gearshifts. Utilizing two clutches, S tronic® ensures you're in the gear you select the instant you select it. There is no loss of momentum, and at a mere 0.2 seconds between shifts, no lag between gears.

Audi Valvelift System
    Audi valvelift system helps elevate the performance characteristics of variable valve timing. The result is smooth power buildup, instantaneous throttle response and up to a 7 percent reduction in fuel consumption. Audi valvelift system intelligently varies the lift and duration of engine exhaust valves in response to engine load and power needs. Optimizing air management, Audi valvelift system helps create maximum torque across a broad range of RPM without sacrificing efficiency.
Class Leading Fuel Efficiency
    The TT Coupe not only offers standout styling and performance, it also delivers 21 MPG city and 29 MPG highway fuel economy. With numbers like that, it's no wonder why the TT Coupe leads its class in fuel efficiency. The category-best fuel economy is thanks in large part to the performance and efficiency increasing Audi Fuel Stratified Injection or FSI®.
    The 2.0T engine employs a variation of FSI called TFSI®. TFSI-equipped engines take advantage of significantly higher compression ratios and cylinder pressure, thus fully atomizing fuel and optimizing boost response. The beauty of TFSI® is that it works at any RPM, maximizing efficiency and generating responsive and optimal power during all driving conditions.
Audi xenon plus Headlights with LED Daytime Running Lights
    The signature LED daytime running lights and high-intensity headlights not only add a distinct look to the vehicle, they also improve visibility while using half of the energy of conventional bulbs. They feature 24 piercing LED daytime running lights that signify the Audi domination at the 24 Hours of Le Mans.
Bumper Design
    The TT Coupe design offers a number of features. Among them is the assertive front bumper, which frames the air inlets and High-Gloss Black Singleframe® grill. In addition to the front, the rear bumper has also been designed to enhance the overall aesthetic of the TT. Everything comes together to create a classic Audi design.
High-Gloss Black Singleframe® Grille and Fog Light Grilles
    For years the TT has been widely acknowledged as a design icon and now it looks even more assertive. One example is the new High-Gloss Black Singleframe® grille and chrome fog light grilles, which add an exclusive element to the exterior of the TT Coupe.

Exclusive Air Inlets
    The appearance of the TT Coupe is enhanced with specially designed air inlets with three-dimensional, sharply drawn out edges. This design feature highlights the highly assertive look of the TT Coupe.
Rear Diffuser with Dual Exhaust
    The unmistakable profile of the TT Coupe is complemented by the unique rear diffuser with dual exhaust. The combination adds an aggressive and exclusive look to the vehicle.
Automatic Retractable Rear Spoiler
    In order to improve vehicle downforce, the retractable rear spoiler automatically extends at 75 MPH and retracts at 50 MPH. This feature also includes a manual override mode for activation at any speed.
Standard Sport Seats
    The sport seats offer greater lateral support thanks to more prominent side bolsters and extendable thigh support. With standard Fine Nappa leather and Alcantara® inserts, the TT sport seats add a distinctive performance-oriented look and feel.
Standard Power Seats and Auto-dimming Mirror
    The power front seats allow the driver and passenger to electronically adjust the seats' forward/backward position, height, angle of seat cushion and seat. Additionally, the seats allow for lumbar support adjustment.
    The rearview mirror with automatic dimming recognizes glaringly bright beams behind the car and darkens the mirror automatically. An electronic control unit varies the darkening effect quickly and continuously according to actual ambient light conditions.
Leather-wrapped, Multifunction Sport Steering Wheel with Shift Paddles
    The race-inspired, lightweight, magnesium, three-spoke, leather-wrapped design has a performance look and feel that includes shift paddles for quick gear changes. The multifunction steering wheel provides easy access to Bluetooth®-enabled phone, audio volume, and CD track selections.

Aluminum Accents
    With the newly designed contrasting, aluminum applications on the steering wheel, center console, mirror switches and door liner, the TT Couple interior is meticulously designed to reflect performance and attention-to-detail.
High-Gloss Black Accents
    The interior of the TT Coupe features a number of distinctive High-Gloss Black accents. The air vents and optional Navigation system bevel are highlighted with this premium material.
Audi Navigation Plus System with Real-time Traffic
    The Optional DVD-based Audi Navigation plus features a full-color 6.25" LCD screen and MMI®-inspired control logic for AM/FM and satellite radio functions. Also included are two SD card slots for your MP3 music and the option of a six-CD changer or the iPod®-compatible Audi music interface.
24.7 Cubic Feet of Storage
    In the TT Coupe, interior convenience is a top priority. The TT Coupe offers exclusive split folding rear seats with a class-leading 24.7 cu. ft. of storage. It is these thoughtful touches that make the TT a standout.
Innovative Braking System
    Audi has implemented a number of ingenious features to help maximize braking effectiveness. In wet conditions, the brake disc wiping system gently pulses the brakes to help dissipate water buildup. Keeping the discs as dry as possible helps promote the most effective braking. Additionally, the brake assist system is able to detect an attempt at full braking and apply full stopping power when required. The advantage is that braking distance is significantly reduced.

    The exclusive lightweight design of Audi Space Frame (ASF®) technology offers a number of significant advantages over the competition. By utilizing a combination of aluminum and steel, hybrid ASF technology significantly reduces vehicle weight, enhances body strength, and increases handling.
    Passive safety is one distinct benefit of ASF technology. The TT and TTS feature a number of strategically placed crumple zones, designed to compress during a collision and absorb the deformation energy from the impact. Steel used in the rear allows for better weight distribution and handling, while the steel doors are augmented with aluminum impact beams for added protection. Additionally, weight savings results in better handling, acceleration and braking, enabling the car to be more responsive, stable and precise.

Six Standard Airbags
    The six standard, second-generation airbags provide an additional measure of safety. They include front-impact airbags for the driver and passenger and are designed to help protect the head. Seat-mounted, side-impact airbags for the front seat occupants are designed to help protect the thorax in a collision. And the side-curtain airbags offer front and rear occupants head protection in the event of a side collision or rollover.
    The Electronic Stability Control (ESC) helps keep the vehicle traveling in its intended direction by utilizing ABS, the traction control of ASR and the electronic brake force distribution of EBD. Specifically, when ESC detects loss of traction, it automatically cuts the throttle and applies the brakes to help "steer" the vehicle where you intend to go. Braking is automatically applied to each wheel: at the outer front wheel to mitigate oversteer, or the inner rear wheel to mitigate understeer.