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Understanding Whether it's Better to Finance or Lease Your Next Audi from Audi Burlingame

If you're currently shopping for a new Audi, whether it's an A3, a Q5 or an R8, congratulations are in order. You're going to be delighted driving one of the finest, most enjoyable luxury vehicles on the road today. However, choosing which model is right for you and outfitting it accordingly is just part of the challenge - knowing whether it's better to finance or lease your new Audi can also be an important decision.

Here are a few rules of thumb to help you have an informed discussion with your finance specialist at Audi Burlingame.

You may be better off financing if you...

  • Prefer to "own" what you drive at the end of the day and plan to have your vehicle for more than five years. Your Audi will be yours free and clear once you make your final payment, and leases typically run 60 months at the most. You'll also receive the full benefit of your car's trade-in or resale value when you eventually decide to purchase a new model.

  • Drive more than 12,000-15,000 miles annually. This is particularly important in a large state like California, where you may often be driving long distances. Leases have mileage caps; if you exceed the total annual mileage for the lease term you pay an additional fee at the lease end, based on the amount of miles driven over your cap.

  • Like to customize your vehicle. This could include modifying the engine or repainting it a special shade of green, or installing custom equipment such as an ultra-high-end audio system.

You may want to lease your Audi if you...

  • Prefer lower monthly payments. Monthly lease payments are usually lower than monthly finance payments for the same term. This is because a lease payment is structured to cover only the vehicle's use and the expected depreciation that occurs during the term of the lease. Once your lease term ends, you either return your leased vehicle, buy or lease a new Audi or purchase your leased vehicle.

  • Like to regularly be driving the latest model. If you're the type of person who enjoys having the latest and greatest, whether we're talking about mobile phones or cars, a shorter-term lease - e.g., 36 months - could make more sense for your lifestyle.

  • Want to minimize maintenance and repair costs. By leasing your car just for the length of time the manufacturer's warranty is in effect, you can eliminate the costs of routine maintenance and/or repairs covered by the warranty.

Feeling Better Informed?
Ready For The Next Steps Towards Your New Audi?

Once you're settled on your new Audi - or next Audi - your next stop should be the finance center at Audi Burlingame. We'll take the time to understand your situation and create an arrangement that suits your needs. For further information or to schedule an appointment, give us a call at (888) 7767-0827.

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