Did you know that having your vehicle serviced at the Audi service center in Burlingame can boost its fuel economy? Every San Francisco driver wants to optimize fuel efficiency because it reduces expenses by requiring less money at the pump. Regular service can maintain and sometimes improve fuel economy. Prioritizing the maintenance of your Audi is also beneficial for its overall health and performance.

Enhancing Engine Performance

Looking under your vehicle's hood will confirm its impressive engine size. It is a large and complex machine that requires maintenance to perform optimally. The experts at our service center know what is necessary for each model. Most drivers are unaware that routine cleaning and the occasional replacement of parts can improve emission levels and fuel efficiency.

We pride ourselves on providing top-notch service to Redwood City Audi drivers because we understand that service can help your vehicle stay on the road for many years.

Replacing Air Filters

Having air filters replaced doesn’t always seem important when life gets busy. Though it isn’t an emergency, it is a priority, and you should not delay service. Air filters filled with dust and dirt can cause debris to impact your engine with dire consequences. The result is poor performance that includes hampered acceleration and lower fuel economy. San Francisco drivers benefit significantly from having air filters replaced. It becomes evident whenever you get behind the wheel.

Changing Motor Oil

Driving around San Mateo in a properly functioning Audi is a delightful experience. Making sure your motor oil is changed when necessary will mitigate the chances of an unexpected breakdown. Motor oil lubricates moving metal parts, which reduces friction and heat. Getting your vehicle serviced can help to avoid an overheated engine. Many problems that drivers experience are the result of postponed maintenance.

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