At Audi Burlingame, we pride ourselves on offering our customers plenty of choices. You'll find a large selection of Audi vehicles in our inventory, so you're sure to find a model that suits your tastes and driving needs. You also have options when it comes to financing your new vehicle. We offer both conventional financing and leasing, allowing you to choose the type that works best for your situation. To help make the decision easier, keep reading for an overview of your Audi finance options.

About Car Loans

Getting a loan to buy a vehicle is the financing method that was standard for many years. When you purchase a car, you gain the benefits of ownership. There are no annual mileage limits, so you can drive around San Mateo or cross country. You can also make modifications or upgrades to your vehicle before the loan is paid in full. In addition, you can trade-in your Audi on a newer model at any time. The pride of ownership is a definite plus, as is the ability to drive payment-free at the end of your loan term.

Why Lease

Some Redwood City drivers may prefer to lease a new Audi. If you like the idea of smaller monthly payments and enjoy getting a brand-new vehicle every few years, leasing could suit you perfectly. A lease is also a good fit for those who don't tend to spend many miles on their vehicles each year. You don't have to worry about selling or trading in your vehicle when the lease is up. Simply return it to the dealership.

Apply for Financing

You even have choices when applying for vehicle financing. You can apply online at our website or visit us at Audi Burlingame to sit down with our finance team. Our sales staff will be on hand as well to help you choose your shiny new Audi.

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