Audi at Your Door is an innovative dealership offering that we'd describe as a personal Audi experience as intricately designed as our cars and SUVs. Instead of making more than one trip to your Burlingame Audi dealership, you can remain at home to access a premium online shopping experience. California drivers around the San Francisco area will gain safety and peace of mind through Audi at Your Door. It doesn't matter if you're leasing an Audi A4 or Audi Q5. Audi at Your Door will give you advanced options for:

  • Having your Audi test drive brought to your home.
  • Appraising the value of your trade-in vehicle virtually.
  • Getting your new Audi model delivered to your driveway.
  • Requesting pickup and delivery for Audi service and repair.

If you live less than 25 miles from Audi Burlingame, serving San Mateo, you can take advantage of all the benefits tied to Audi at Your Door. Instead of coming to us for a test drive, we will bring the luxury car or SUV to your California neighborhood. Rather than driving to the Audi Burlingame showroom to collect your new Audi A6, we'll drop it off in your driveway. And for your first Audi oil change? You can ask the certified Audi service center about the pickup-and-delivery option.

We want every segment of your Audi Burlingame journey to be convenient and virtual. We want to put you and other California customers in the driver's seat. We want you to shop, buy, and own your Audi Q7 on your terms. We're presenting Audi at Your Door to nearby California drivers in Burlingame, San Mateo, and San Francisco. If you have a question about at-home vehicle delivery, virtual Audi test drives, or pickup and delivery for service, you can contact the Audi Burlingame sales team.

You're looking for a luxury vehicle, so why not enjoy a luxury experience? Contact your Burlingame Audi dealer to learn more about Audi at Your Door.

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