While driving around Burlingame, you may have seen some Audi luxury car brands currently on our roads. Audi has come up with unique styling for their new cars. They have capitalized on more innovation and a more advanced Quattro all-wheel-drive system that even the base levels don’t deem basic. The new models of Audi present at Audi Burlingame equipped with the latest Audi improvements are:

  • 1.) 2020 Audi R8: This has been Audi’s legendary supercar, and has appeared on a lot of top 10 lists when compared to other supercar models. The R8 has undergone a lot of improvements from the engine, exterior looks, and interior appearance.
  • 2.) 2020 Audi e-Tron GT: Audi’s all-electric vehicle packs with it an 802-volt battery. The sedan e-Tron has a 350-kW charging system that enables it to charge up to 80 percent in under 25 minutes. The Audi e-Tron SUV has dual electric motors and packs it 590 horsepower. With this, the Audi e-Tron SUV can cover a distance of 250 miles on a single charge.
  • 3.) 2020 Audi S3: It has been around since 2012. Hence, Audi decided to remodel it to suit the San Francisco drivers to a whole new package. The car is roomier and leaner compared to the previous model.
  • 4.) 2020 Audi RS 7: The most exciting, high-performance car has just got better. The new model boasts a new facelift front and rear fascia. It does 0 to 60 mph in 3.60 seconds and produces around 590 horsepower and up to 590 lb-ft of torque.
  • 5.) Audi RS Q8: This is the top range Q8 SUV that was launched only recently. This vehicle offers the same performance as the normal Audi Q8, but on the suspension, believe you, you’ll like it more. Its suspension is highly tuned to accommodate various driving experiences.

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