At our Burlingame service center, we've got a great team of trained technicians who are ready to help you keep your luxury Audi in excellent condition. They're well-versed in basic needs, like oil changes, and they can handle major repairs so that you can commute to and from busy San Francisco with confidence.

If you're looking for a new Audi, or you want to get more out of your current model, ask to speak with the manager of the Upgrade Program! If you qualify, you can drive away with a lot of exciting benefits. Here are a few.

Upgrade Program Platinum Benefits

  • The manufacturer warranty is "reset" so you have more time to drive around Palo Alto in your Audi vehicle
  • You gain access to Owner Loyalty Rebates
  • If you have service needs, the Upgrade Program can help minimize how much you need to pay out of pocket
  • We provide you with our complete vehicle analysis so you can see what your servicing options are
  • If you're buying a new Audi and get the Upgrade Program, we'll provide you with preferred APR financing rates

For more information on our Upgrade Program, scroll to the bottom of our service center page or drive in from San Mateo and ask to speak with a member of our sales team. While here, you can also peek at our service center, if you haven't been in before for Audi maintenance and upkeep. We understand that maintaining a luxury vehicle has its associated costs, and with the Upgrade Program, you get extra perks and great savings.

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