San Francisco is home to some of the smartest tech minds in the world, and there are those who come visit the city from other parts of the world to take part in this thriving community. That's why we at Audi Burlingame want to support non-US workers who're proud to call the U.S.A home for the next few years.

Stop into our Burlingame dealership to shop our selection and learn about Audi's Foreign Business Professional Program that helps making owning an Audi a lot easier. This program covers new Audi models, as well as Certified Pre-Owned Audi vehicles and standard pre-owned Audi vehicles.

Here's a rundown on the rules and regulations so you have as much information as possible when you come in from Palo Alto:

  • You must be working here on an employment visa
  • We don't need to run you credit history, but it must be in good standing
  • You must prove you have a base income of $45K

When you decide to drive in, make sure you have the following:

  • The US social security card you were assigned when you entered the country
  • An official letter that includes your date of hire, contract length, position, and income from your company
  • Name and number of someone in your HR department we can contact
  • 2 US residents who can act as references (we'll need their address and phone number)
  • Documents that prove your address and your phone number

Once all that is sorted, you can come in to find the Audi you wish to lease or purchase to drive around San Mateo and beyond! Popular and well-stocked new Audi models at our dealership are the Audi Q5 and Audi Q7 crossovers and the Audi A4 and Audi A6 sedans. For CPO Audi models we have several Audi A3 sedans and Audi Q5's. We currently have a notable number of used Audi A7 sportback models in our used Audi inventory.

We're excited you've chosen to work in our country and are even more excited to acquaint you with our Audi Foreign Business Professional Program so you can drive around the state in luxurious style.

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