Become an extension of your Audi with the legendary TFSI® engine technology

There are many reasons people choose to buy or lease a new Audi from our Burlingame dealership. They love the brand's quality, the luxury, and the presence that the 4-ring grille brings to the pavement. People are also drawn to Audi because of the brand's long-standing history of quality performance and engineering that help make even a simple commute through Palo Alto exciting!

Of course Audi isn't the only luxury nameplate with a predilection for performance and high-end engines. Porsche, BMW, and Jaguar are other examples, and we're sure you've seen them prowling the San Mateo streets. What does set Audi apart is its legendary TFSI® engine technology.

What is the TFSI® Engine?

The TFSI® is a turbocharged direct injection engine, but a key difference is that the injector sits right in the combustion chamber. This allows the fuel to come into the chamber at the precise moment needed to give you the perfect dose (or heavy boost) of power. It can also easily perform at high RPMs and high piston speeds, just in case you want to unleash your Audi at a track near San Francisco.

This technology was first unveiled at the 2001 Le Mans and was actually used on Audi Formula 1 vehicles! The TFSI® undoubtedly helped the Audi team win a very challenging race, and soon the TFSI® engine was released to the other models in the new Audi lineup. Audi was the first in the world to craft a turbocharged direct injection engine, and you can tell the difference between ours and any the competition has built.

How does the TFSI® Handle?

Spec information is all well and interesting, but how does it translate to real-world driving, you might be wondering. Engineers have said the TFSI® engine helps the car become an extension of yourself. This means you'll feel the acceleration more, have an easier time sliding, and simply be more tuned into the handling. Instead of feeling like the car is in control, you'll feel like one!

On the practicality side, TFSI® technology helps reduce fuel emissions and increase fuel ratings, and that's something California drivers can certainly appreciate.

What Audi models have TFSI® Engines?<

After hearing that TFSI® technology was first introduced on Formula 1 models, you're probably thinking you'll have to get a high-end new Audi model to drive home with a TFSI® engine. The good news is that all new Audi models come equipped with one - even entry-level options like the Audi A3 and the Audi Q3. The S- and R-Series Audi models also have TFSI® engines as well as the enhanced horsepower, torque, and suspensions.

If you've never been behind the wheel of an Audi before, you must stop in for a test drive so you can experience this Audi TFSI® technology that is both smooth and thrilling. Afterward, you can speak with our financing department to go over payment plans and incentives for buying or leasing an Audi!

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